Preparing for the 30/30 Art Show

30.30 calendars

“The calendars are here, the calendars are here!!”

I am BEYOND excited!!

If I won the lottery…



I would still do what I doing…

Painting and marketing my work.

(But I would make time for buying a new car- mine’s 15 years old,

and a beach house)

Yesterday I went to several places that

I painted in my 30/30 Challenge:

homes, churches, businesses,

and told them, well,

what I had done…

the whole 30 paintings (of Huntington)

in 30 days,

 and, of course, about the 30/30 Art Show.

I LOVED meeting people…

like Connie who heads a program which provides programs

for children, the elderly, and people with traumatic brain injury…

right in the heart of Guyandotte

at the Historic Guyandotte United Methodist Church!

Guyandotte Methodist Church painting

So, OF COURSE, the proceeds

from the sale of that painting

will go to the church:)

And today,


They will be available for sale

at my 30/30 Art Show,

and on this website Dec. 5!!

Thanks for following along,


2 Replies to “Preparing for the 30/30 Art Show”

  1. Jan Ellis says:

    So if someone wanted to purchase a few of said calendars, what would the price be?

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