My custom portraits of people are in pastel, a luscious, vibrant medium that is just as long lasting as quality watercolor, acrylic and oil paint.  Watercolor portraits are coming soon!

1.  Call or text me to discuss the job.

2.  If you decide you want me to create your custom portrait, mail me a 50% down payment.

3.  Then, email or text me an image/images.  You can mail me a photo, but make sure it is not the original.

5.  When I have completed the painting, I will email you a photo for your approval.

6.  Once you are satisfied with the portrait, you pay the balance, and I will deliver/mail you the painting.

7.  I can invoice you if you wish to use a credit card.

8.  The following price list is based on one individual.  Add 25% more for each additional subject.


5 x 7″      $200

8 x 10″    $250

9 x 12″    $300

11 x 14″  $350

14 x 18″  $450

16 x 20″  $550

18 x 20″  $600

18 x 24″  $650

20 x 24″ $750

Other sizes available upon request.

Most important to me is creating a painting that you treasure.

Call or text me to discuss your painting: Linda  304-633-2841.

If you need your painting by a certain date, contact me ASAP, as my schedule gets very busy.