Map Making Ideas

It’s Your Turn

Inside the Wild and Wonderful West Virginia 2.0 Edition 
puzzle box is a 19" x 24" print of the puzzle.
It's also available for individual purchase 
in gift shops and this 

On the back is this blank map of West Virginia.

If you'd like some ideas on how to finish the map,
here are some suggestions...
1. Do whatever 
your little heart desires!
2.  Fill the map with flowers, trees, birds, and/or other elements of nature that make you happy. 
Make it a mixed media piece by using your favorite markers, crayons, and color pencils. Then add paper cut-outs from magazines, wrapping paper, and scrapbook paper. Stencil, stamp and add washi tape. Go crazy!
3.  Divide the map into the 55 counties. 
Color and label them. 

4. Locate and label every state park.  Draw a little picture of each one you have visited. 

5.  Label every place you and your family have enjoyed in West Virginia. 
Add art that you like.
6. Label every city you've traveled through, visited, or lived in. 
Add highways that connect them. 
Then include words or art to represent the memories you have. 

7. Label all the places 
you want to enjoy. 

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