Painting #2 in the 30/30 Challenge


Huntington is blessed with an abundance of beautiful churches… like this one…

Trinity Episcopal Church

As you may already know, I’m painting 30 paintings in 30 days.

Over 700 artists around the world are participating, and, I believe, I’m the only one in WV.

Thanks for following along…  Linda


OH…I have BIG NEWS…about the NEWS!!!


I’m sooo excited!!! Brad Rice, a photographer and features writer from WCHS TV Channel 8, will be at our first Cookie Decorating 101 workshop on Monday morning, Sept. 29.  Brad travels the state for interesting stories to feature on Thursday’s 5:00 and 10:00 news broadcasts…He’s creating a little story about our efforts for Maggie… just think about all the people who will hear about our cookie classes:)  …btw…that class still has a few openings;)

A Cookie Mosaic

Jonathan's art

Art by Jonathan Hill

The client asked for a reproduction of Jonathan’s artwork (a vibrant, signature piece in the silent auction at the White Linen Night last Saturday night) on 50 cookies.  Here are the steps I followed:

Step 1: I drew the image on a paper grid representing the cookies.

Step 2: Then, I baked and iced the cookies.

Step 3:  I created a sturdy cardboard display tray with Wilton cake boards, hot glue, a box cutter and a yardstick.

Step 4: Lastly, I “painted” the cookies with food color gel using my gridded drawing and Jonathan’s art on my laptop for reference.  I used a black food color marker for the outlining…


I snapped this picture in my studio…ok, it’s my kitchen table… just before I started to paint the cookie…Let the fun begin!!


mosaic of Jonathan's art

Cookie Mosaic

Here’s the cookie mosaic…

Ok, I forgot to take a picture until AFTER some of it had been eaten!!


Painting 1 of the 30/30 Challenge

Jim’s Restaurant really, truly has delicious food, don’t you agree!?

It’s been family owned and located in the SAME LOCATION for over 74 years!!!

To learn more Jim’s history, check out their website……




The 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

Maybe I can’t do it… but I think I can… I’ve signed up to participate in the Artists Helping Artists 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge hosted by Leslie Saeta from CA…  I’m so excited…the only rule is YOU HAVE TO HAVE FUN!… I said…”I’m in!!” I picked a theme…Special places in Huntington, Barboursville, and Milton. I’ll be posting my paintings here and on my FB page… Thanks for following along…Linda






Cookie Decorating 101…Help has arrived!!


Go Herd!!

Hi! If you came here for the details of Cookie Decorating 101 Workshop on your phone, you have to open the menu with the 3 little bars tab in the upper right corner…at least that’s how you do it on my phone:)  Open the menu and select Workshops.


Cookie Decorating 101


Cookie decorating is a great skill to have for creating unique, fun gifts and, of course, to add a theme-based dessert to your parties!! I’m going to share all my recipes, my resource information, and teach the VERY basics in cookie baking and decorating.  I’ll also be sharing my knowledge on the more complex elements in the intermediate and advanced classes.  To find out all the details, check out WORKSHOPS.