Drinko Library

It’s fabulous.

Inside and Out.


The $31 million John Deaver Drinko Library,

opened to students in 1998, is a stunner.

This state-of-the-art library, named for John Drinko, an MU graduate

whose $2.3 million donation encouraged other donors,

measures 118,000 sq. ft of computer and conference rooms,

telecommunications facilities, a virtual library system,

and even BOOKS…plus more!

As you may have guessed,

I’m not painting 30 paintings in 30 days this year.

My busy schedule just wouldn’t cooperate.

This is #3 for my 2017 Huntington calendar,

which will debut soon…

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So I hurried downtown to take a few photos with morning light…

And there he was.


Standing in front of his shop

having his morning cigarette and coffee.

George is a tailor.

He makes suits.


Of course, I HAD to chat with him…

I discovered he’s from Syria, SYRIA!

ALL of his siblings sew…

he has like 9 siblings.

I sew. I don’t even know 9 other people that sew.

I KNEW he would be in the 2017 calendar.

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Let the painting begin!!


Time does FLY!

Last year at this time I was in the midst…

of painting 30 paintings of Huntington in 30 days…

like this one…


At my 30/30 Art Show in December at The Cellar Door

the original paintings were sold in a silent auction

and the sale of calendars and prints was launched.

(btw...prints are still available…

Red Caboose at Heritage Station carries them!)

This fall I’m painting Huntington again…

and I’ve just begun…


I’ll reveal all the details in the coming weeks…

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Cookies for My Cousin’s Wedding

My cousin, Tim, is in love.

His first wife, Melissa, died seven years ago;

he was devastated, and it took a long time

for him to date again.

Now he’s getting married, and

I offered to make cookie favors for the rehearsal dinner.

It so happens, the bride’s parents’ 40th anniversary

is that day,

and Tim and Candy want to share the spotlight with them.

So I planned (a double heart with names, dates, and yellow roses (the mother’s fav),

baked and base-iced the cookies:

and I was all ready to add the details when I got a text from Tim:

In the Chinese language (Candy is Chinese),

there is a blessing they give upon multiple occasions

which means ‘double blessings’

and it always is red or on red.


Hummm…now what?

I HAD to put it on the cookie;)

And I did:)


Did I tell you the wedding is in BOSTON??!!

And we’re going!!!

My Summer Art Show is in 2 DAYS!!

I’ve been painting for two months…

getting ready for…

My Summer Art Show!

Friday, July 15th
from 6-9pm
at Thistle Patch Vintage Garden & Antiques
on 14th St West in Huntington, WV


I thought I would be showing ONLY
1″ deep canvases… like these:
Version 2
IMG_2795 (1)
Version 2
And then…
As you may know,
I was lucky enough
to get
all the old wood
from my husband’s aunt’s
So I started painting on it!

IMG_3127 (1)



And I have LOVED the results.


And here’s a cool discount Friday…
You receive 10% off
one piece of art for every shopper you bring with you!
1 shopping friend = 10%
2 shopping friends = 20%
and so on…

Not only that…


Enjoy some food and drink
while you shop and visit…
it’s a party!!

I hope to see you Friday!

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My Kitchen Art

I love art in a kitchen,

particularly “fruit art”…

here’s my proof:


I painted this little still life in 1985…

You can see the date on the right…

Of course the lace edging, bow and little hoop are

vintage 1985, but I don’t care.

And these were cross stitched by my mom.

I treasure them.


So my close friend, Helen, recently got a new kitchen,

and I knew what that kitchen needed:



I’ve already started painting more fruit art

for my Summer Art Show

Friday, July 15


at Thistle Patch Vintage Garden and Antiques

14th St West

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…a little history…

  1. DSC01345

If you are new to my website, here’s a quick summary:

After 32 years as a classroom teacher,

 I QUIT in 2012 to be an artist.

(I’m sure people thought I was CRAZY!!)

I made stamped metal necklaces…


even in Braille!


And bracelets…


But my focus became decorated cookies…



purple and gray bridal

along the way I decided to teach cookie art, and had HUNDREDS of students!


I even tried my hand at artistically decorated cakes…)


fall cake1


and sometimes combined cookies and cake!

Bergens cake1

But the time came to paint on a more permanent material!

I started with watercolor on paper...

Gold painting commission2

You may remember last fall I painted

30 paintings of Huntington in 30 days!

Cabell County Courthouse paintingI

I had my first official art show in December

where I sold my original 30/30 paintings, prints, and 2016 calendars.

It was a BLAST!!

This summer I’m painting with acrylic paint

(which is similar to oil paint but dries faster

and is easier to clean up!!)

I’m painting on 1″ deep canvases…



Version 2

and old wood…




I’m having my second official art show in July…

I’m soooo excited!!!


Summer Art Show 2016

Friday, July 15, 6-9pm

Thistle Patch Vintage Garden & Antiques

14th St West, Huntington, WV

More details coming soon!

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