Hello, Everyone!!

If you only follow my blog,

to keep up with me and my art,

you may think I fell off the edge of the Earth;)

The truth is I’ve been super busy

with art, home, family, health, and politics!!…

(and animals, yard, new Mac computer…OMG transitioning

to an Apple computer is challenging, friends,

health support group I started, did I say art?…)

and I’ve just not attended to my website.

This morning after I worked on a cookie order…


(For a young woman who just graduated from optometry school)…

and cleaning and yard work….

I’m updating my website!!!

I have a new web address…


Thanks for stopping by,


“EXTRA, EXTRA, Read all about it! “

Tuesday was an EXTRA-ordinary day,

My 30/30 story was in the Herald Dispatch.


Here I am with prints of three of the 30/30 paintings.

If you missed it, you can read it here.

Thanks for following along,



My neighbors’ beloved

Jack Russell terrier, Tasha,

died this week,

and they brought all her “dog things”

over for our dog to have.

Zoie loves everything.

Today, I created this pastel drawing for them.

They love it.

Tasha painting

Thanks for following along,


Having a Blast!

I’ve been CRAZY-busy!!

First it was the 30/30 Challenge

Then it was the 30/30 Art Show

and the Holiday Market at Heritage Station…

Now it’s shipping orders…


(Of course, I had to decorate the shipping envelopes!!)…

Also I’ve had trips to my printer, Denise, in Ashland…

Resupplying my retailers:


The Red Caboose (in Heritage Station),

Old Main Emporium (on 4th Ave),

The Village Roaster (on 4th Ave),

and Heritage Farm Museum and Village…

Did I mention painting commissions,

cookie orders, and a cookie class??

Now I have to finish



You can still order prints and calendars from me,

but if you want something before Christmas,

you can go to one of the shops!

Thanks for following along,


My Heart is Full

My FIRST 30/30 Art Show


Pictures (of the event) to be added here when I get one

And it had almost nothing to do with my art…

Well, almost nothing.

You know how at your wedding…

everyone you love is there…

cheering you on.

That’s how it was.

Friends, family, former co-workers, neighbors, and classmates,

new friends, and lovely people who followed my 30/30, or

lovely people who found out about it…

They were there, cheering me on.

And the people that helped me:

Tina for encouraging me to do the show.

Helen, Nancy, Millie, Val, Paula, and my son, Hunter,

 tirelessly worked the show,

 Aaron-Michael promoted my show on the Downtown Huntington FB page,

and my husband, Rick,

who was in Japan and couldn’t be there,

for his unwavering support of my art.

To you all:  I’m forever grateful.

My heart is full.

Thanks for following along,


btw… my calendars and prints are now available.

“Saturday Night” is Ready for Friday Night

Happy Thanksgiving!

I named this painting…

Saturday Night is ready

“Saturday Night”.

I have almost all the paintings back from the framers;

“Saturday night” has a black frame with silver highlights.

It’s perfect.

Michael, Darrell, and the others at

Hobby Lobby’s frame department did a masterful job

on each and every one.

And all the giclee prints are finished;

Packaging and labeling…almost finished.

Here’s a print of “Saturday Night”

beside the original.

8 more days.

I hope you’re coming.

Yes, it’s Thanksgiving Day and

my dining room table has art on it.

We’re having our dinner tomorrow;)

Thanks for following along,


Preparing for the 30/30 Art Show

30.30 calendars

“The calendars are here, the calendars are here!!”

I am BEYOND excited!!

If I won the lottery…



I would still do what I doing…

Painting and marketing my work.

(But I would make time for buying a new car- mine’s 15 years old,

and a beach house)

Yesterday I went to several places that

I painted in my 30/30 Challenge:

homes, churches, businesses,

and told them, well,

what I had done…

the whole 30 paintings (of Huntington)

in 30 days,

 and, of course, about the 30/30 Art Show.

I LOVED meeting people…

like Connie who heads a program which provides programs

for children, the elderly, and people with traumatic brain injury…

right in the heart of Guyandotte

at the Historic Guyandotte United Methodist Church!

Guyandotte Methodist Church painting

So, OF COURSE, the proceeds

from the sale of that painting

will go to the church:)

And today,


They will be available for sale

at my 30/30 Art Show,

and on this website Dec. 5!!

Thanks for following along,