Getting Ready for the 30/30 Show!!

I LOVED painting for 30 days,

and now I LOVE preparing for the 30/30 Art Show!

Every day I’m involved in the prep…

Yesterday I ordered the calendars,

received the rack cards,

and started distributing them.

(And finished and delivered a cookie order:)

ballerina cookies

Plus a ton of other things…

Good thing I’m a woman and can multi-task!

I’m taking the day off from The Art Show

and joining Planet Fitness today.

If you’re not exercising, you need to start!!

I walk and do yoga, but a full hour of exercise DAILY is


After I hit Kroger and the recycling bins,

I get to come home and PAINT!!

I have a few commissions to get started on

and I can’t wait!!

Thanks for following along,


If you’re new to my blog…

I decided to paint 30 paintings of Huntington

the month of October.

Here’s #19…one of the most popular on FB


Why did I commit to a grueling painting marathon…

(with laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, dog walking, etc… to add to the equation) ?

To become a better artist.

You know…

the old “Practice, Practice, Practice”,

when you want to become really good at something.

I also blogged here daily and posted EVERY painting…

(that was the hard part!!)

I LOVED drawing and painting every day.

And, course, I loved when FB followers liked a painting.

But the VERY BEST part

was seeing myself grow as an artist.

LEARNING from my work.

TAKING RISKS with my subject matter.

UNDERSTANDING each painting was a learning experience,

not necessarily a masterpiece.


I thought a little celebration in the form of an art exhibit

would be great fun…

I hope you can come.

Thanks for following along,


#30!!!! in my 30/32 Challenge

BHUMC painting

∗ Beverly Hills United Methodist Church ∗

My grandparents were founding members of this church.

My dad was raised in this church.

And so was I.

Peri asked me to include it in the 30/30;

she was in my Sunday school class,

and a very sweet, dear friend.

This one’s for you, Peri.

Thanks for following along,



#29 30/32 Challenge

MU Cafe painting

∗ Marshall Hall of Fame Café Restaurant ∗

Just another Huntington spot

that I think is divine.

I love the outdoor space; it’s lovely.

And the interior of the restaurant is fabulous, too.

The menu…yum…

I had salmon and veggies this summer~ perfect.

And it’s right across from Pullman Square.

What more could you ask for?

Thanks for following along,


#28 30/30 Challenge

Jimmy John's Painting

I dashed downtown yesterday…

I needed some inspiration,

in the form of 3 more subjects to paint.

I snapped some photos, and

as I drove down 4th Ave towards Marshall,

this little sub shop caught my eye.


First the inviting outdoor seating area…Love it!

Next there were three bicycles

leaning against the building…

3 bicycles! and it wasn’t even lunch time yet…

AND in the windows the following signs

calling out in orange neon:




Sold! to me!

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Yes I only painted one bicycle,

but now I wish I had painted all 3;(

#27 30/30 Challenge

∗ Marshall University Bookstore ∗

I have to confess:

I haven’t been in this bookstore…

but I sure love looking at it.

Thanks for following along,


#26 30/30 Challenge

Midway Painting

For this painting of Midway Drive Inn,

I wanted to have life.

I wanted the feel of a city

plus people

plus vehicles.

Painting school

at my house

in my little studio (spare bedroom)

is just

the best.

Thanks for following along,