#25 30/30 Challenge

Jim's painting

Thank you, Jim’s.

Aunt Lucy and cousin Tim came in this weekend.

It was last minute, and I wanted to host

a big family dinner at my house.

After announcing a break in my 30/30 Challenge,

I made dinner plans for possibly 30 people!

That’s where Jim’s came in;)

I bought 5 quarts of sauce,

boiled spaghetti, roasted spaghetti squash,

cleaned and chopped veggies for an amazing salad,

washed fruit, made brownies and iced tea.

Dinner was FABULOUS!!

17 people came,

so I put 2 quarts of sauce in the freezer

and we’ll be eating salad and fruit the rest of the week!

Jim’s, you rock!

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#24 30/30 Challenge

ritter park rose garden painting3

∗ Ritter Park Rose Garden ∗

First of all, let me just put it out there…

I LOVE roses.

I love the way they look.

Their fragrance.

 I love the feel of velvety petals.

And I love the JOY I have when being near them.

I love all varieties and all stages of their being:

the first lime green shoots from dead-looking gnarly stalks,

the tender buds… and full blown roses… even the cupped petals

lying spent on the ground.

So…you guessed it…

I love the Ritter Park Rose Garden.

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#23 30/30 Challenge

Pullman Square Max painting

Pullman Square

I wanted to create a night-time street scene.

Painting school is so much fun.

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#22 30/30 Challenge

I have painted the Marshall Memorial Fountain…

a few times…

but this picture

mu fountain crop

made me want to paint it again;)

I love the drama of this photo,

the way the light affects the spray of water…

and makes a spackling of lavender shades under the tree.

I rearranged a few things and took out some others.

Here’s today’s painting:

MU fountain painting

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#21 30/30 Challenge

∗ Huntington Museum of Art ∗

Our community is blessed in so many ways with this facility:

the museum and conservatory, the nature trails and

classes, the field trips for local school children and art library,

and many other offerings…

and the many people who make it all possible.

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#20 30/30 Challenge

 Stewarts painting

 ∗ Stewarts Drive-in ∗

I am so impressed with the Mandt family

that has not only kept this business going since 1932…

that’s 83 years!

But FOUR generations have continued to grow

this little hotdog stand

into a thriving business.

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#19 30/30 Challenge

∗ Cabell County Courthouse ∗

Another fabulous building in Huntington:)

Have you ever thought about how many people

have been a part

of making our city a beautiful place to live?

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