Women’s March Prints

We’ve Only Just Begun

Women’s March in Charleston, WV

Gicleé reproductions of my original watercolor

9″ x 12″    $25 + $4 S/H if I mail it to you

12″ x 16″    $35 + $7 S/H if I mail it to you.

ALL proceeds will be donated to an organization for which I volunteer, Wof-PAC,

whose sole purpose is campaign finance reform OR

to progressive candidates for political office,

in other words, candidates who pledge to NOT take $$

from multi-national corporations, SuperPacs, or special interests groups.

I will be at the following locations this spring/summer:

The Science March at Heritage Station  April 22

Vineyard & Art in the Village (Wine & Art Fest in Barboursville) May 13,  4-8pm

Garden Party  Heritage Station  June 24, 10-3

or you can just Call, Text, or Email me

with your name, print choice, phone number, and your address including zip to~

   Linda Childers: 304-633-2841 or artforthesoulwv@hotmail.com

Mail me a check at 2 Sunny Dr., Ona, WV 25545  or

to use a credit card, I can email an invoice.

Once I have received payment, I will ship your order.

I’ll be happy to personally sign your prints if you wish.

Gicleé prints are generated from high resolution digital scans

and printed with archival quality inks.

For more information about high quality Gicleé prints, check out www.gicleeprint.net 

You must absolutely love your print,

or you can return it in the same condition you received it, less shipping charges.

I retain the copyright of all paintings and all reproduction rights.


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