The Herd

My recent challenge for a fall painting was…

Create a Marshall painting that a man would like.

I googled ‘buffalo herd’,

and this image was my favorite:

The colors were dull but I liked the sunlight effects, and

 the sense of movement was perfect,

I was also excited at the limitations of this photo…

because I’d be able to add elements

which would be my own artistic choices.

Here’s a close up…

I decided to paint with pastels,

chalk-like sticks of pigment that can impart vivid color, 

and add something that screamed Marshall and football.

Here’s the result:

Signed and numbered giclee prints in a variety of sizes

both framed (for your convenience) and

unframed (so you can finish it your way)

can be purchased now at Wildflower Gift Gallery.

Also available are reproductions on

gallery-stretched canvas in multiple sizes

like this one hanging in the Holiday Inn.

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Limited Edition Art Cards

In 2015 during a particularly difficult time in my life,

many friends reached out to me with gestures of love,

and I wanted to thank them.

Nathan, my step-son, brought me flowers,

so I painted this watercolor…

Then Office Depot made inexpensive prints on cardstock,

and I found BIG envelopes to mail these “Art Cards”.

I wrote my expressions of gratitude and love on the back

and mailed these thank-you-note-pieces-of-art

to my sweet friends.

I’d been thinking about creating my Art Cards again,

and had even ordered little easels to include in the envelopes…

Three weeks ago

I asked, Judy, the owner of  Wildflower Gift Gallery,

if I could create a display with my original art and Art Cards

for her shop, and she said, “Yes!”

I found a discarded flag stand in a 14th St West shop…

And paneling that looks like rough-cut lumber…

Painted a sign…

and lots of art…

And with my husband’s carpentry skills

we created this two sided display…

Oh and I made little baskets for the cards

out of this stuff called hardware cloth…

I absolutely LOVE being creative.

 btw…I’ll be changing the Art Cards every Friday,

and I’ll take suggestions on what to paint!

More info coming!!

Thanks for following along,


My Wood Panel Prints Are Ready!

Finally after months of working on this plan,

my very first wood panel prints are ready!

Here’s what I did:

First I stained the sides of 12″ x 16″ wood panels

different colors, like this green…

Then I mounted prints of my bison pastel painting on top.


Last, I attached a hanger and a label.

I’m super excited about how they turned out!

I did the same thing with my pastel painting

of Old Main in two sizes: 10″ x 10″ and 12″ x 12″.

And today,

I delivered them to Red Caboose and Wildflower Gift Gallery.

Tomorrow they’ll go to Hidden Creek Mercantile in Hurricane,

and Eggplant Gift Shop in Charleston.

More designs are coming soon, as well as prints of these…

I’ll keep you posted!

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Old Main with a New Look

I created this watercolor of Old Main in 2015,

and I still sell giclée prints of it in several gift shops.

 I recently painted Old Main in pastels,

(I added a watermark to the photo:)

but what I’m excited about are new display options I’m creating

for those looking for a print that’s ready to hang.

Here’s an example: a 12″ x 16″ print of my bison pastel

mounted on a 1.5″ deep wood panel.

Soon, I’ll have multiple options in area shops,

and at Art in the Park in May!

I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks for following along,



Capitol or Capital??

I’m at the Capitol (building) …

in our capital city (Charleston)

frequently these days…

so I decided to paint it…


I probably should have painted the Kanawha River view…

 with a reflection…

I’ll do that next time!

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I’m in love with pastels!

So I did this pastel piece a couple of years ago…

And shared the story here.

Like many artists,

I enjoy trying different forms of media…

and I wrote about that in my little art bio last year, but..

I’ve been primarily focused on watercolor for a while,

and I even made the Kanawha Metro.


after recently completing several commissioned pieces in pastel, and

studying with some pastel artists online…

Sorry watercolor, I’m now in love with pastels!

I’m super excited to be participating (for the first time) in

Art in the Park

this coming May!

I’ll have my original pastels, prints, and framed prints (ready for your wall).

I won’t be taking commissions for the next several months,

so I can focus on the show.

Thanks for following along,





My 2018 Calendar is FINISHED!!

I’ve kept this year’s calendar paintings secret,

only showing you two:

Marshall’s new engineering complex

and our state capitol building.

But now that I’m finished,

I’m ready to show you all of them!

For all the details of what they look like

and how to get one (or two) go to my 2018 Calendar Page!