REdesigning my website

This blog post is to ask you to look at my redesigned website. A link at the bottom of this page will take you to my homepage or you can use the menu. Notice the various pages that I will be developing with the help of Dr. Cheryl Jeffers, EdD

More Puzzle News

In January, as work continued on my WV map painting, I was sure I’d found the company to manufacture the puzzles, so I ordered a puzzle from them and it came in this box… with this very cool paper packaging tape. I loved that tape (and their puzzle) so much…

The Making of a Puzzle… Update

The puzzle company that is turning my WV map painting into a puzzle sent me a proof of the puzzle picture today, as well as, a proof of the box that I designed! Oh, what fun I’m having;) btw: Here’s More Puzzle News Thanks for following along, Linda

WV Maple Days

Greg’s family has owned this farm for over 100 years. It’s about 3 minutes from the original Wayne Graded which became Wayne Elementary School, where I spent my first 4 years as an elementary teacher. On this land are 148 maple trees (one sugar bush), all connected with blue tubes

The Making of a Puzzle

I finished my West Virginia map painting yesterday, and this week, I’ll be sending a digital image of it to a puzzle manufacturer in Kansas City, MO. So far, this project has taken me two months… and with a gigantic smile on my face, I’ll share what that has looked

My Political Activism… Step #1 Beans

Dragon tongue and red swan green beans are part of my political activism. Here’s how: Everyone knows that people in political office are sometimes influenced by money & power to do the wrong thing. When I started studying how pervasive and destructive this practice is I decided to take action.

Thank you’s & Results of My Summer Art Auction

I am beyond grateful to everyone who supported my Summer Art Show 2020… my neighbor, Connie, for helping me set up (twice), the friends and art lovers who came, Kim and Vicki for the gorgeous photos, my hubby, Rick, and the Herald Dispatch. Kim created this amazing video: And a

Instagram helped, too.

As you know I give credit to Pinterest for making my Summer Art Show 2020 possible, however, Instagram helped, too. I follow TextureFlorals; Nicole’s a floral designer in Philly. I watched a video of stunningly gorgeous flowers she had just received and would be arranging in “French buckets”. Feverishly I

I’m having a rough day

California is on fire, 57% of Iowa’s crops were damaged by a derecho this  month, two hurricanes are pummeling the gulf states, and the Arctic recorded a record high of 100°. The climate crisis is rearing its ugly head. West Virginia is not in the path of a devastating storm,

Another Inspiration Photo and a Gardening Surprise…

If you’ve been following my Summer Art Show 2020 updates, then you probably recognize this image… by seeing this photo of my… “Red Geraniums” painting. Since you’re here, let me show you what I found this morning:

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