Davis, West Virginia

Wild and Wonderful West Virginia puzzles 
are now in almost 40 gift shops in our great state... 
like this one...
 at Coopers Rock State Forest near Morgantown.
btw... the views at this state forest are unforgettable... 
more about this place to come;)
When I started in January, I knew we had hidden treasures,
like Audra State Park with creek side camp sites...
where I met this little lady with her teardrop camper...
But I really HAD NO IDEA how fabulous WV is...   
Two video series will start in a few weeks.
In the meantime I’ll share photos and stories 
of wild and wonderful West Virginia. 
😊Here’s one…
Davis is an itty-bitty, precious town
with cool shops and little restaurants
 surrounded by state parks and ski resorts.
This house is in Davis… we drove on by.
 Then I told Rick to go back...
he's soooo patient.😊
Artist Delia Wach and her hubby, Martin 
live upstairs and run a gift shop downstairs. 
I recognized her art!
 Years ago at a school where I taught,
Delia had given a presentation
about the books that she and her husband wrote,
 and she illustrated. 
Also her daughter is a nationally recognized artist of birds, 
and she sells her prints… stunning!!
She shared her journaling with me. 
I HAD TO buy supplies from her
 for bullet journaling (which I had never heard about). 
  All of that and much more I discovered in that little house… 
Oh and she showed us her husband’s garden. ❤️

Thanks for following along,

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