About the Artist

I’ve always enjoyed being creative,

and I’ve always wanted to be an artist.

Since I didn’t have the confidence to tackle an art career,

I became a school teacher.

May 2002

As it happens, teaching children

presents innumerable opportunities

to be creative,

and I did that for 32 years…

and honestly…

I absolutely loved it.

But the time came (in 2012)

to follow my dream.

In 2016 I wrote a blog,

“… a little history…”

about the different kinds of art I had created.

During COVID shutdown in 2020 I painted 30 florals,

held the Summer Art Show 2020 in my yard,

and created an on-line auction to sell them all.

2020 Art Show Floral

In January 2021 I started

the Puzzle Project,

to promote love, learning, tourism, and creativity in my home state,

Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.

Along with puzzle design and promotion,

I’m now learning video production

for my two future video series, Travel WV and Create WV.

I still love painting florals and landscapes

and plan to have my next show in March 2022!

I sell my original work (acrylic, watercolor, and pastel paintings)

and reproductions of my work

from this website,

and in gift shops.

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