Thank you’s & Results of My Summer Art Auction

I am beyond grateful to everyone who

supported my Summer Art Show 2020…

my neighbor, Connie, for helping me set up (twice),

the friends and art lovers who came,

Kim and Vicki for the gorgeous photos,

my hubby, Rick,

and the Herald Dispatch.

Kim created this amazing video:

Linda Childers Summer Art in the Garden Show

And a Huge THANK YOU to all the people

who supported my Summer Art Auction 2020.

Everyone who purchased art

chose one of three places to give the $$, and

here are the results:

Huntington Food Bank: $800

Little Victories Animal Shelter: $500

Hilary Turner’s (she supports climate crisis initiatives) Campaign Fund: $2000.

I’ll be delivering that money today.

Thanks for following along,


4 Replies to “Thank you’s & Results of My Summer Art Auction”

  1. Denise N says:

    Wow! That’s awesome! Thank you, Linda for working so tirelessly to support worthy causes.

  2. Cindy Seinar says:

    Congratulations from Michigan! You are such an inspiration, Linda. Thank you for being such a talented and generous person!

    • Art by Linda says:

      Thank you, sweet Cindy:) I’m very lucky that I can do it. I stand on the shoulders of many who have made that possible (including Terry Wahls), and my gratitude pushes me to do more.

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