My Political Activism… Step #1 Beans

Dragon tongue and red swan green beans

are part of my political activism.

Here’s how:

Everyone knows that people in political office

are sometimes influenced by money & power

to do the wrong thing.

When I started studying how pervasive

and destructive this practice is

I decided to take action.

The first step for me was to get and stay healthy

as I had just been diagnosed with MS.

I follow functional medicine,

which uses diet and lifestyle to return the body to proper functioning.

I added more vegetables to my diet

and choose organically grown ones when possible.

That has lead to increasing my gardening skills

and growing more types of food and more varieties.

(Which also reduces my stress level

from knowing all the sh*t that is going on in our country.)

These were picked or dug this morning:

Sweet potatoes, tomatoes, peppers,

butternut squash, dragon tongue and red swan beans.

Stay tuned for more political activism from moi.

Thanks for following along,



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