The Puzzle Project

I started this project in the winter of 2021. I painted a map of West Virginia with as many cool and interesting places as I could squeeze in and found a company that could turn it into large puzzles. But I had a big idea, much bigger than just selling puzzles. I wanted the puzzles to help the people of my state, and here’s how… while people are working the puzzle, they will learn about cool and interesting WV places that may be just a short drive away… or a bit longer. With QR codes on and inside the puzzle box, my website is easily accessible… a quick check on my website will give more information about the places with links under LearnWV and videos under TravelWV, and then a trip will be planned! Win, Win, Win! Businesses supported, people learning interesting stuff and having fun… Oh, and developing pride in being a West Virginian. As I travel the state with friends or husband delivering puzzles, having a blast, meeting people, and making videos, I’ll also be developing CreateWV. I’ll be interviewing West Virginia creators that I meet and of course sharing those inspiring stories with you, in hopes of encouraging all puzzle workers with their dreams, creative notions, or big (or little) ideas to move towards making their ideas come true.

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