A Puzzle Project Update

I've had more fun with my Wild and Wonderful West Virginia puzzle
than I ever imagined. 
Between May and August, 
we traveled much of the state
delivering puzzles to state parks and forests.
We just loved seeing these places, 
most of them for the first time!
I will be revisiting them 
for my TravelWV video series...
(more about that in my next blog;)
While traveling near Blackwater Falls SP
we caught the majesty 
of these awesome creatures...
These are HUGE!
 We also promoted puzzles to independent gift shops
like Wild Ginger & Spice in Davis.
Wild Ginger & Spice
Crammed full of cool stuff, this little shop
creates some of their items in the back room!
Adorable people.
This old bank building's vault
"protects" the West Virginia merchandise.
The Vault
We've laughed, smiled, and marveled 
at things in West Virginia...
Watch out for landing airplanes
 while driving down this road!
Watch out!
I treasure my mom's old yardstick.
She taught me to sew with that thing.
 This collection caught my eye at C.J. Maggie's in Elkins.
And look at these artisan creations
Canaan Valley State Park...
Look at the leaves on the carpet!
Sometimes it's the small things in life
that make it special.
Of course, there have been bumps along the way, 
like we ran out of puzzles.
We hadn't made it throughout the state, 
plus we were getting orders we couldn't fill.
Instead of just reordering the same puzzle,
I decided it was important to make a 2.0 edition.
About 20 changes were made to my original painting,
a fold-up map and new box were designed,
and then I called Steve, my puzzle guy.
In no time, he sent me this box proof: 
And here's the fold-up map
 from Chapman's Printing in Huntington:
But the puzzle production was delayed
because Target cut the line
with a huge order. 
Finally last week, I got the call from Steve
that our puzzles are almost ready!
Rick and I will fly to Kansas City, MO,
pick up our U-Haul truck,
and drive them home.

Stayed tuned for a video production update!

Thanks for following along,

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