One Month of Puzzle Adventures

May 9, Rick and I headed to Missouri
to pick up puzzles. 
We stayed in St. Louis
for two days...

We visited 
the Missouri Botanical Garden
during peak iris season...

and the St. Louis City Museum
which is indescribably fantastic...

We ate THE MOST fabulous Italian food
at Mama's on The Hill (the Italian neighborhood in St. Louis).

On Wednesday 
we rented a 16' Budget truck in Kansas City, MO and
picked up the puzzles.

Two days later, I started delivering to local gift shops...
Red Caboose

and later in Charleston...
Taylor Books

Behind the scenes,
I've been creating marketing materials,
working on my website design, and
getting the word out about my Puzzle Project.

Last week, my puzzles were ordered 
for 13 state parks and forests...
but they have to be delivered...
in JUNE!

Soooo... this week
Rick and I headed 
to the Fayetteville area and vicinity.
Puzzles were added to 
8 new shops,
including two state parks!

We had a blast peddling puzzles
and enjoying spots in West Virginia,
like the Cathedral Cafe
in Fayetteville,
a very cool breakfast/lunch spot
created in an old church.

The rest of June will be
quick trips to 
get the state park orders filled
and sell to gift shops nearby.
After that,
we will go more slowly...
revisiting favorite spots,
going to new places,
taking the tours...
fishing (Rick)...
painting (me)...
Sometimes I'll take a girlfriend or two...
I'll be sharing those adventures with you
because I believe... 
once you learn what West Virginia has to offer...
you will grab your husband, wife, kids or friend
and Travel WV. 

Thanks for following along,

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