Video Creation Has Begun in Charleston


Videographer Bobby Lee Messer and I

explored J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works, and

Taylor Books…

I can not even tell you how much fun it was…

Getting to know Nancy, co-owner of the salt-works

and learning all about the thriving business she has created

was amazing…

then meeting Molly who was preparing for a bridal shower there, saw me,

and exclaimed, “I saw you on TV! I want a puzzle!”

(Here it is if you missed it;)

We starting chatting and I discovered…

she’s hosting a wedding on her 200 acre family farm in Mason County

today… yes, today, Saturday, May 29…

And then she offered me poppy starter plants from her yard in Culloden!

At Taylor Books (which I LOVE)

I met a FB friend in person for the first time,

(I had asked her to meet me;)

I interviewed Dan the new owner,

then had lunch with new friend, Marilyn and her hubby

at Pies and Pints two doors down,

though I would have been happy eating at Taylor books

with fresh soup made daily!!

Our videos series… and there will be TWO!…


will be available in the coming weeks.

Puzzles are now in several Charleston locations:

Thanks for following along,


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