My Inspiration

Pinterest has been the source

of inspiration

for many of my

Summer Art Show 2020 paintings.

Here’s an example:

Pinterest photo…

My painting…

It’s 18 x 24 inches.

It’s one of 30 paintings

that will be part

of my Summer Art Auction.

You can go directly to the auction

right here!

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Friends: One Silver and One Gold

My neighbor (a new friend & gardener)

challenged me to create a painting

for the Summer Art Show 2020

with chamomile, poppy, and lavender flowers.

She had given me a start of several herbs,

including chamomile,

Chives, Valerian, & Chamomile

so how could I refuse?

I painted it several weeks ago,

but it just wasn’t right.

(This photo was taken with a filter

which makes it lighter and pinker than the painting.)

I worked on the flowers many times,

and I was about to paint over the whole thing…


I showed my friend, Val;

she said to change the vase.

I did.

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Summer Art Show 2020 Redesigned!

Due to the pandemic and a few other reasons…

I have changed my Summer Art Show 2020!

The event has been divided into two parts:

* The Summer Art Show 2020… (Click on it for details!)

where you can come see my 30 paintings displayed outside, and

see what I’m doing with gardening this summer (if you care;).


* The Summer Art Auction 2020 (Click on it for details!)

I found an online auction company that I really like,

so if you are interested in checking it out,

you can click on the link that I have here,

Linda’s Summer Art Auction,

 (that link will be many places;).

The money you spend on a painting

(minus the 5% fee for the auction company,

plus credit card fees)

will support the organization that you choose.

I hope you come to the show;

I’d love to meet you.

And if you love one of my paintings,

I hope you’ll take a chance

and bid on it!

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I Can Only Have 25 People

I can only have 25 people

at my Summer Art Show 2020

which is not a problem if 25 people or less

are planning to come,

but if 50 people want to come

then I have a problem to fix.


I need to get a count.

If you plan to attend, please click on this:

I’m planning to attend the show,

and if you’re planning to bid by phone click on this:

I’m planning to bid by phone.

More information coming soon…

and better photos of my art, too!!

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Our Front Yard

Our house looked like this:

Those chairs on the right were shaded

by a giant oak (see the high branches?)

When that tree crashed into our roof (last summer)

leaving our front yard barren and shade-less

it was time to create a plan…

that combined what I had long wanted:

a pond (with fish!), an inviting front porch,

a vine covered pergola, and a cottage garden.

I sketched my ideas so Rick could see what I envisioned

and convinced him that we could do it… in stages;)

We started digging this week!

I’ll keep you posted on our progress!

Don’t forget my Summer Art Show 2020 is in August!

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Summer Art Show 2020

I am super excited about

my Summer Art Show 2020!

It will be at my house,

in this yard…

2 Sunny Drive

Ona, WV

on Saturday, August 22 at 3:00

To make it more fun,

each painting will be auctioned

like they do at fancy art houses…

And ALL proceeds will go to

one of these great causes (purchaser picks):

* Hilary Turner’s campaign fund

(She’s running for Congress to help solve the climate crisis!)

* Huntington’s Food Bank

*Local animal shelter

Here’s another fun part:

Everyone attending will receive a present,

and you do NOT have to purchase art…

Just come for the FUN…

And bring a friend, a lawn chair and a mask!!

The auction starts at 4:00, and

arrangements will be in place for

a FB live event & out-of-town bidding…

(details on that coming soon)!

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The Herd Pillows and Backorders Are In!!

They’re in,

and they’re BIG!!

If you want The Herd Pillow Cover only…

Shop here.

If you want The Herd cover with a pillow inside,

or if you just want to check them out…

they’re available January 1 at

The Wildflower Gift Gallery

at the Market, and

The Red Caboose

in Heritage Station.


backorders for

Huntington Pillow Covers, and

Marshall Tote Bags are in!

They’re at the above stores, or

you can shop here.

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New Pillows Covers Coming Next Week!

Last fall I painted

The Herd.

Here’s a link to the back story.

Recently, Judy at Wildflower Gift Gallery

asked me to put it on a pillow,

so I did.

These are BIG pillows: 26″ x 20″

I ordered them from the Canadian company,

Art of Where;

the quality of their materials and workmanship

is excellent.

You can purchase The Herd pillow cover here,


Soon, you can purchase the pillow cover with a pillow insert

at the Wildflower Gift Gallery at The Market.

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We Are Marshall Tote Bags and Huntington Pillow Covers on Backorder

The “We Are Marshall” tote bags are on backorder,

and I only have a few Old Main tote bags left.

My post about the company making

my Huntington pillows and Marshall tote

bags is here.

I realized the quality of their products

when the pillows came in,

so I reordered the tote bags

before I had even seen them!

When they arrived I was thrilled:

as my husband, Rick, says,

“It looks like you painted right on the fabric.”

The tote bags are made of heavy canvas;

but there’s a choice of fabric in the pillows:

Upholstery canvas (super heavy)

and Upholstery velveteen (heavy but soft).

Pillows are on backorder, too

but Wildflower Gift Gallery, and

Red Caboose did have a couple.

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New Payment Options

I have added new payment options

for purchasing on my website…

PayPal was the only choice,

and not everyone has a PayPal account.

Silly me.

Now if you want to pay with a credit card,

I can send you an invoice via email,

or you can send me a check by mail.

Just fill out the form

on the page of the product

you want to order,

and tell me in the message box

how you want to pay.

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