Summer Art Show 2020 Redesigned!

Due to the pandemic and a few other reasons…

I have changed my Summer Art Show 2020!

The event has been divided into two parts:

* The Summer Art Show 2020… (Click on it for details!)

where you can come see my 30 paintings displayed outside, and

see what I’m doing with gardening this summer (if you care;).


* The Summer Art Auction 2020 (Click on it for details!)

I found an online auction company that I really like,

so if you are interested in checking it out,

you can click on the link that I have here,

Linda’s Summer Art Auction,

 (that link will be many places;).

The money you spend on a painting

(minus the 5% fee for the auction company,

plus credit card fees)

will support the organization that you choose.

I hope you come to the show;

I’d love to meet you.

And if you love one of my paintings,

I hope you’ll take a chance

and bid on it!

Thanks for following along,




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3 thoughts on “Summer Art Show 2020 Redesigned!

  1. Why would you not do a live auction yourself on fb and cut out the extra cost … that would put your personal touch on it

    1. That was originally my plan, but when I realized how many people I’d need to help me with a live event, plus assist with all the people that would be bidding remotely, I thought it was too difficult to handle. Thanks for your input.

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