An Update on Our Front Yard

One month ago today

we started digging…

to create my vision in our front yard

I thought it would be delightful

to have it at least partially finished

for my Summer Art Show 2020,

however, I wasn’t holding my breath

because I know how these things go.

So four weeks later,

here we are…

We have decided on a stamped concrete floor,

but in spite of our best efforts,

we don’t have that yet. Obviously.

I won’t give you the details,

but we are now looking for concrete man (or woman) #3.

Am I panicked, worried, stressed out?


If you were coming to my Summer Art Show 2020

to see my new front yard,

you’ll just have to see it at my Summer Art Show 2021,

but do come to see my art…


Thanks for following along,


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