Instagram helped, too.

As you know

I give credit to Pinterest

for making

my Summer Art Show 2020 possible,


Instagram helped, too.

I follow TextureFlorals;

Nicole’s a floral designer in Philly.

I watched a video of stunningly gorgeous flowers

she had just received

and would be arranging in “French buckets”.

Feverishly I snapped dozens of screenshots

including this one.

I googled French buckets…

And painted this:

Come see this painting Sunday

at my Summer Art Show 2020!

The Summer Art Auction ends Sunday,

and here’s

The Actual Auction.

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I’m having a rough day

California is on fire,

57% of Iowa’s crops were damaged by a derecho this  month,

two hurricanes are pummeling the gulf states, and

the Arctic recorded a record high of 100°.

The climate crisis is rearing its ugly head.

West Virginia is not in the path of a devastating storm,

at least, not today…

but hundreds of thousands of people

in our great state

are unemployed or underemployed,

suffering from chronic disease,

are addicted to something,

 the children of addicts,

surrounded by toxic water or soil, and/or

suffering from mental illness or emotional illness.

I’m an emphatic person,

also curious and a truth seeker.

Several years ago I decided to find out

why our state, country and planet

have so many problems.

And it’s simple.


Wealthy and powerful people

use their money and influence

to buy our politicians and media,

which has led to the mess we’re in.

So in the midst of multiple weather catastrophes

we have a country full of people

that believe our climate crisis is a hoax.

I wish a good cry would help.

It doesn’t.

I created my

Summer Art Show 2020

to benefit Hilary Turner

in her run for Congress,

because she won’t be bought by wealthy people;

she has a two year old

that needs a healthy planet to live on.


With a Little Help from my Friend…

…my friend being Pinterest.

My painting:

My Summer Art Auction

is going on now! You can get to it here:


If you want to see the paintings before you bid…

(the auction ends next Sunday at 6:00)

or just to see them…

I’m showing all 30 paintings

next Sunday, August 30 from 3-6.

at my second and last Summer Art Show 2020.

I’d love to see you,


A New Time for the Summer Art Show 2020

My Summer Art Show 2020

is today BUT

I changed the time due to

the rain forecast.

The new time is 12:00-3:00 TODAY

as long as it’s not raining!!

It’s an opportunity to see

30 original acrylic paintings.

If you want to buy a painting,

you may bid on it here:

The Actual Auction.

For more information on the auction,

click on this link: The Summer Art Auction 2020

Questions: Call me-Linda: 304-633-2841

I hope to see you today!

Pinterest, thanks again.

Two months ago

I committed to painting 30 original paintings!!

for My Summer Art Show 2020.

Now… looking back…

I think that was pretty crazy,

but I did it…

(Here are all 30!)

with help (lots of help!) from Pinterest.


Pinterest inspiration photo:

My painting:

Pinterest photo:

My painting:

I’ll show you more in coming days.

And about the Summer Art Show 2020:

due to predicted rain,

I’m just not sure when it will be,

but I’ll let you know!

The Summer Art Auction starts tomorrow,

and the Actual Auction is here.

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Gardening Stuff and a Rain Date

Today we pulled out

the old garden vines,

and harvested some

winter squash, green beans, kale, etc.

Canning green beans and freezing tomatoes

takes a little time, but I love it.

The bare areas in the garden will be filled in the following days;

for the first time ever,

I started seeds indoors in July

for fall plantings…

[These shelves have squash we harvested today

and seedlings under grow lights for the fall garden.]

And some seeds I’ll sow directly in the soil

like these radish seeds…

One of the many benefits of gardening is growing

varieties of food you won’t find at the grocery store…

Aren’t they so cool!

My Summer Art Show 2020 is in 2 days,

but my weather app predicts 60% chance of rain.

I’m still planning to have it Saturday,

but if it’s rainy between 3:00-6:00

I’ll have it Sunday.

Check with me on FB or here.

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My Flowers Are Blooming Right on Time!

In June I decided I would have

a Summer Art Show 2020 in my yard.

And while I have flowers, I knew I needed (wanted) more…

so I planted more flower seeds (in mid June!)…

(the seed packets told me they’d bloom right on time)…

And they did.

Go here to the see my Summer Art 2020…

all 30 paintings!

Go here to learn about the Summer Art Show 2020, and

the Summer Art Auction 2020 info is here,

Check out the online website where

I’ve set up the Actual Auction

and sign up when you know you want to bid.

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An Update on Our Front Yard

One month ago today

we started digging…

to create my vision in our front yard

I thought it would be delightful

to have it at least partially finished

for my Summer Art Show 2020,

however, I wasn’t holding my breath

because I know how these things go.

So four weeks later,

here we are…

We have decided on a stamped concrete floor,

but in spite of our best efforts,

we don’t have that yet. Obviously.

I won’t give you the details,

but we are now looking for concrete man (or woman) #3.

Am I panicked, worried, stressed out?


If you were coming to my Summer Art Show 2020

to see my new front yard,

you’ll just have to see it at my Summer Art Show 2021,

but do come to see my art…


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Thank you, Pinterest

I’m painting florals these days

with the help of Pinterest.

Sometimes, it’s very easy to see…



See what I mean?

Other times, the photo that inspired me

is just a starting point.

Here’s my most recent inspiration photo:

And my painting:

“Summer Time in a Vase” 16 x 20 inches

I’m not the best at photographing my art,

so you must come to my Summer Art Show 2020

to see how really beautiful it is…

plus I have presents for everyone attending

because I want to see you (if you are my friend), and

meet you (if you’re not).

btw… if you think you want to hang my art in your home,

the Summer Art Auction 2020 starts August 22.

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