With a Little Help from my Friend…

…my friend being Pinterest. My painting: My Summer Art Auction is going on now! You can get to it here: The ACTUAL AUCTION If you want to see the paintings before you bid… (the auction ends next Sunday at 6:00) or just to see them… I’m showing all 30 paintings

A New Time for the Summer Art Show 2020

My Summer Art Show 2020 is today BUT I changed the time due to the rain forecast. The new time is 12:00-3:00 TODAY as long as it’s not raining!! It’s an opportunity to see 30 original acrylic paintings. If you want to buy a painting, you may bid on it

Pinterest, thanks again.

Two months ago I committed to painting 30 original paintings!! for My Summer Art Show 2020. Now… looking back… I think that was pretty crazy, but I did it… (Here are all 30!) with help (lots of help!) from Pinterest. Examples: Pinterest inspiration photo: My painting: Pinterest photo: My painting:

Gardening Stuff and a Rain Date

Today we pulled out the old garden vines, and harvested some winter squash, green beans, kale, etc. Canning green beans and freezing tomatoes takes a little time, but I love it. The bare areas in the garden will be filled in the following days; for the first time ever, I

My Flowers Are Blooming Right on Time!

In June I decided I would have a Summer Art Show 2020 in my yard. And while I have flowers, I knew I needed (wanted) more… so I planted more flower seeds (in mid June!)… (the seed packets told me they’d bloom right on time)… And they did. Go here

An Update on Our Front Yard

One month ago today we started digging… to create my vision in our front yard… I thought it would be delightful to have it at least partially finished for my Summer Art Show 2020, however, I wasn’t holding my breath because I know how these things go. So four weeks

Thank you, Pinterest

I’m painting florals these days with the help of Pinterest. Sometimes, it’s very easy to see… Inspiration: Painting: See what I mean? Other times, the photo that inspired me is just a starting point. Here’s my most recent inspiration photo: And my painting: “Summer Time in a Vase” 16 x

My Inspiration

Pinterest has been the source of inspiration for many of my Summer Art Show 2020 paintings. Here’s an example: Pinterest photo… My painting… It’s 18 x 24 inches. It’s one of 30 paintings that will be part of my Summer Art Auction. You can go directly to the auction right

Friends: One Silver and One Gold

My neighbor (a new friend & gardener) challenged me to create a painting for the Summer Art Show 2020 with chamomile, poppy, and lavender flowers. She had given me a start of several herbs, including chamomile, so how could I refuse? I painted it several weeks ago, but it just

Summer Art Show 2020 Redesigned!

Due to the pandemicĀ and a few other reasons… I have changed my Summer Art Show 2020! The event has been divided into two parts: * The Summer Art Show 2020… (Click on it for details!) where you can come see my 30 paintings displayed outside, and see what I’m doing

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