I’m having a rough day

California is on fire,

57% of Iowa’s crops were damaged by a derecho this  month,

two hurricanes are pummeling the gulf states, and

the Arctic recorded a record high of 100°.

The climate crisis is rearing its ugly head.

West Virginia is not in the path of a devastating storm,

at least, not today…

but hundreds of thousands of people

in our great state

are unemployed or underemployed,

suffering from chronic disease,

are addicted to something,

 the children of addicts,

surrounded by toxic water or soil, and/or

suffering from mental illness or emotional illness.

I’m an emphatic person,

also curious and a truth seeker.

Several years ago I decided to find out

why our state, country and planet

have so many problems.

And it’s simple.


Wealthy and powerful people

use their money and influence

to buy our politicians and media,

which has led to the mess we’re in.

So in the midst of multiple weather catastrophes

we have a country full of people

that believe our climate crisis is a hoax.

I wish a good cry would help.

It doesn’t.

I created my

Summer Art Show 2020

to benefit Hilary Turner

in her run for Congress,

because she won’t be bought by wealthy people;

she has a two year old

that needs a healthy planet to live on.


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2 thoughts on “I’m having a rough day

  1. I will be coming to your art show on Sunday from 3 to 6 at 2 Sunny Drive in Ona!!! I hope I have the correct number.

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