Gardening Stuff and a Rain Date

Today we pulled out

the old garden vines,

and harvested some

winter squash, green beans, kale, etc.

Canning green beans and freezing tomatoes

takes a little time, but I love it.

The bare areas in the garden will be filled in the following days;

for the first time ever,

I started seeds indoors in July

for fall plantings…

[These shelves have squash we harvested today

and seedlings under grow lights for the fall garden.]

And some seeds I’ll sow directly in the soil

like these radish seeds…

One of the many benefits of gardening is growing

varieties of food you won’t find at the grocery store…

Aren’t they so cool!

My Summer Art Show 2020 is in 2 days,

but my weather app predicts 60% chance of rain.

I’m still planning to have it Saturday,

but if it’s rainy between 3:00-6:00

I’ll have it Sunday.

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2 thoughts on “Gardening Stuff and a Rain Date

  1. Beautiful bounty and love the different radishes. I am doing Watermelon Radish. I am going to try to direct sow all of my fall seeds. It might work or it might not but I am going to experiment and see what happens! Happy Gardening!

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