Metro Valley Places

Metro Valley

(Cabell, Clay, Kanawha, and Putnam counties)

** Metro Valley

29. Huntington (Cabell)

30. Heritage Farm Museum and Cultural Center (Cabell)

31. Marshall University (Cabell)

32. Huntington Museum of Art (Cabell)

33. The Market (Cabell)

34. Heritage Station (Cabell)

35. Pullman Square (Cabell)

36. Central City Antiques District (Cabell)

37. Museum of Radio and Technology (Cabell)

38. Camden Park (Cabell)

39. Blenko Glass Company (Cabell)

40. WV Pumpkin Festival (Cabell)

41. Home of Golden Delicious Apple & Clay County Festival (Clay)….

42. Kanawha State Forest (Kanawha)

43. JQ Dickinson Salt Works (Kanawha)

44. Taylor Books (Kanawha)

45. Culture Center (Kanawha)

46. State Capitol (Kanawha)

47. Capitol Market (Kanawha)

48. Main Street Hurricane (Putnam)

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