Summer Art Auction 2020

All my paintings will be auctioned online

with bidding starting Saturday, August 22 at 3:00.

[If you want to see the paintings in person,

come to the Summer Art Show 2020.]

You can see all of my Summer Art 2020 here.

You can access the auction here:

The Actual Auction!!

In order to bid on a painting,

you must register your credit card with the company,

and your card will be charged if you’re the highest bidder.

The company did not allow me to set up

3 choices for you to donate your money,

so the $$ will come to me and I will donate

it according to your wishes:

Hilary Turner’s Congressional Campaign,

(Hilary is running for office because of her concern about our climate crisis.)

Huntington’s Food Bank, or

a no-kill animal shelter in the tri-state area.

The auction will end Sunday, August 30 at 6:00.

You can bid on any (and all!) paintings for the entire 9 days!

This is my first time setting up an auction online,

but I’ll do my best to help you if a problem comes up.

Call or text me: Linda 304-633-2841.

The auction is scheduled to end at 6 pm on Sunday, August 30,

however if someone bids right before the end of the bidding,

the bidding continues until there is no more bidding on that piece for 5 minutes;

this is called popcorn bidding which prevents sniping,

or bidding in the last seconds, so another bidder can’t bid higher.

The paintings can be picked up at my house in Ona,

 I can meet you at The Market in Huntington, or

I will ship it to you.

If you need it shipped, I’ll box it up myself,

and you can send me a check for the postage,

or I can send you an invoice that you can pay with credit card.

If I have thoroughly confused you, don’t hesitate

to call me!





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