A Cookie Mosaic

Jonathan's art
Art by Jonathan Hill

The client asked for a reproduction of Jonathan’s artwork (a vibrant, signature piece in the silent auction at the White Linen Night last Saturday night) on 50 cookies.  Here are the steps I followed:

Step 1: I drew the image on a paper grid representing the cookies.

Step 2: Then, I baked and iced the cookies.

Step 3:  I created a sturdy cardboard display tray with Wilton cake boards, hot glue, a box cutter and a yardstick.

Step 4: Lastly, I “painted” the cookies with food color gel using my gridded drawing and Jonathan’s art on my laptop for reference.  I used a black food color marker for the outlining…


I snapped this picture in my studio…ok, it’s my kitchen table… just before I started to paint the cookie…Let the fun begin!!


mosaic of Jonathan's art
Cookie Mosaic

Here’s the cookie mosaic…

Ok, I forgot to take a picture until AFTER some of it had been eaten!!

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