With mixed feelings…

I finished these wedding ring cookies today for Joy…

wedding ring2

She’s hosting a bridal shower at Tea and Crumpets,

a delightful little luncheon place in downtown Huntington.

I loved talking with her about her cookies…

how she found out about me,

the cookies she wanted,

how they would be packaged,

and a few details about the event she was hosting…

I totally love these conversations… and

I love delighting people with cookies for their party…

or gift… or wedding…


I have decided to quit the cookie biz.

I want to paint.

And I can’t do everything I have to do in my life + cookies + paint.

So, of course, I’ll do the orders I’ve committed to…

and if you’ve talked to me about an order, but

 we haven’t finalized the details,

I’ll do those, too…

because I’m such a nice person;)

And, of course, I’ll be completing the cookie classes

that are scheduled,

but I don’t plan to schedule any more.


 to all of my customers, students, and supporters…

I love you all.

2 Replies to “With mixed feelings…”

  1. Toni Donahue says:

    Sad news for your cookie fans but happy for you personally Linda! Was so hoping you’d be filling a baby shower cookie order this year! 😀. Erin and Bill expecting a little one November 1st! Hope you are feeling well! Xoxo. Toni

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