Summer Art Show 2020

I am super excited about

my Summer Art Show 2020!

It will be at my house,

in this yard…

2 Sunny Drive

Ona, WV

on Saturday, August 22 at 3:00

To make it more fun,

each painting will be auctioned

like they do at fancy art houses…

And ALL proceeds will go to

one of these great causes (purchaser picks):

* Hilary Turner’s campaign fund

(She’s running for Congress to help solve the climate crisis!)

* Huntington’s Food Bank

*Local animal shelter

Here’s another fun part:

Everyone attending will receive a present,

and you do NOT have to purchase art…

Just come for the FUN…

And bring a friend, a lawn chair and a mask!!

The auction starts at 4:00, and

arrangements will be in place for

a FB live event & out-of-town bidding…

(details on that coming soon)!

Thanks for following along,




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