Custom House Portraits


An original watercolor painting of your present home, childhood home, vacation cottage, or garden shed can be a great addition to your art collection.  My paintings can also be reproduced into Christmas cards or everyday greeting cards.  Watercolor paintings make perfect gifts, too!!

Go to Portfolio: to see my work.

Here are the steps if you like my style and would like to work with me:

1.  Call or text me to discuss the job.

2.  If you decide you want me to create your custom house portrait, mail me a 50% down payment.

3.  Then, send me an image/images of your house/building, or if you are in my area, I can take the photos for an additional fee.

5.  When I have completed the painting, I will email you a photo for your approval.

6.  Once you are satisfied with the portrait, you pay the balance, and I will mail you the painting.

7.  I can invoice you if you wish to use a credit card.


5″ x 7″      $200

8″ x 10″    $250

9″ x 12″    $300

11″ x 14″  $350

14″ x 18″  $450

16″ x 20″  $550

18″ x 20″  $600

18″ x 24″  $650

20″ x 24″ $750

Other sizes available upon request.

Most important to me is creating a painting that you treasure.

Call or text me to discuss your painting: Linda  304-633-2841.

If you need your painting by a certain date, contact me ASAP, as my schedule gets very busy.

2 Replies to “Custom House Portraits”

  1. Hilary says:

    I would like the original or a gliclee of “The Frederick” used in the calendar. My husband’s parents met there when his mother was a waitress.
    Is it possible to purchase?

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