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New Thoughts on Yesterday’s First Class

I couldn’t sleep last night… Well, I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep… And my thoughts were on yesterday’s Cookie Decorating 101 class… and I realized something VERY cool about my students… and their cookies… I had given them basic information…techniques…cookie designs to try…and loaned them my equipment… I gave

Cookie Decorating 101

My first cookie workshop was today… and… it was GREAT!!! I really absolutely love teaching… I even love the prep work… Planning exactly WHAT to teach, HOW to teach it, and WHERE to bring in each idea. I can spend HOURS…(many hours)… on handouts…trying to make them effective learning tools…

Preparing for Cookie Decorating 101

I am thrilled… I have over 60 people signed up for Cookie Decorating 101 I have VERY cool plans for my students… And I needed pumpkin cookie cutters WITH leaves… BUT…they are not for sale, even online… so I bought a few large cutters to reshape… including this one… I

Cookie Decorating 101…Help has arrived!!

Hi! If you came here for the details of Cookie Decorating 101 Workshop on your phone, you have to open the menu with the 3 little bars tab in the upper right corner…at least that’s how you do it on my phone:)  Open the menu and select Workshops.

Cookie Decorating 101

Cookie decorating is a great skill to have for creating unique, fun gifts and, of course, to add a theme-based dessert to your parties!! I’m going to share all my recipes, my resource information, and teach the VERY basics in cookie baking and decorating.  I’ll also be sharing my knowledge on the more complex elements

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