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…a little history…

If you are new to my website, here’s a quick summary: After 32 years as a classroom teacher,  I QUIT in 2012 to be an artist. (I’m sure people thought I was CRAZY!!) I made stamped metal necklaces… even in Braille! And bracelets… But my focus became decorated cookies… along

Hello, Everyone!!

If you only follow my blog, to keep up with me and my art, you may think I fell off the edge of the Earth;) The truth is I’ve been super busy with art, home, family, health, and politics!!… (and animals, yard, new Mac computer…OMG transitioning to an Apple computer

Painting a Cookie

No it’s not paint. It’s food coloring… applied with a brush. Yes, it’s tricky… but the results can be adorable and even VERY COOL! Adorable ↓ Very cool ↓ I had an order for painted cookies this weekend. (Yes I did them before and after my cookie class;) I snapped a couple of

Life is good

Life is good. Yesterday’s cookie class was so much fun. I LOVE sharing my cookie art knowledge with wonderful women. Each of my students created all of these designs. They learned SO much in four hours! My November and December workshops are full; I have some new classes posted on my WORKSHOPS

Cookie Art Makes the News AGAIN!

Let me tell you the story about these cookies… I had decided to stop all cookie art. No more classes, no more orders. And Tammi Arender called. Well, she emailed. Who calls these days? Tammi Arender, the evening newscaster for WOWK Channel 13, is quite a force (in a good

Purple Rabbits Step by Step

Earlier in the week I told you I had a Purple Rabbits Challenge. And then I showed you how I made purple rabbit cupcake toppers… And now… the cookies! First, I piped along the outer edge… and flooded the cookie with thinner icing. I held a stencil over the cookie…

Purple Rabbits

Today’s post is all about the purple rabbit cupcake pics! I first drew a sketch of my cupcake pic (should it be pic or pick??) using my rabbit cutter as a guide… Notice it’s messy. I drew it too small and kept adjusting the size until it was just right. The triangle

Rabbits and Purple

I love a challenge… and this one started like this… “She likes rabbits and purple.” (For a baby shower this Sunday) So I asked if she wanted other baby items like, well, you know, a bib, a stroller… No.  Just rabbits and purple. Ohhh, the challenge is on: to make adorable

I’m back, again:)

I announced my retirement from cookie art. But then I HAD TO create a retirement set for Patty Kay… Plus several people have asked for a cookie class!!! And I miss it. I still plan to focus my attention on painting… but I really miss cookie art… especially meeting woman that

Cookies are SO fun to make!

Oh how I regret I didn’t grab my camera during yesterday’s cookie class… This is the best that I can do… a photo of some of the cookies I demo-ed for my students to create… It was a small group, only 5 ladies… But we had ball… and they each

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