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In a recent conversation I was finally able to put into words something I’ve known since I was a child. While admitting my struggle to find the inspiration to paint a complex, commissioned watercolor piece that I was asked to do many months ago. The other person said, “It’s hard

Limited Edition Art Cards

In 2015 during a particularly difficult time in my life, many friends reached out to me with gestures of love, and I wanted to thank them. Nathan, my step-son, brought me flowers, so I painted this watercolor… Then Office Depot made inexpensive prints on cardstock, and I found BIG envelopes

My Kitchen Art

I love art in a kitchen, particularly “fruit art”… here’s my proof: I painted this little¬†still life in 1985… You can see the date on the right… Of course the lace edging, bow and little hoop are vintage 1985, but I don’t care. And these were cross stitched by my

…a little history…

If you are new to my website, here’s a quick summary: After 32 years as a classroom teacher, ¬†I QUIT in 2012 to be an artist. (I’m sure people thought I was CRAZY!!) I made stamped metal necklaces… even in Braille! And bracelets… But my focus became decorated cookies… along

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