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In a recent conversation I was finally able to put into words something I’ve known since I was a child. While admitting my struggle to find the inspiration to paint a complex, commissioned watercolor piece that I was asked to do many months ago. The other person said, “It’s hard

Old Main with a New Look

I created this watercolor of Old Main in 2015, and I still sell giclée prints of it in several gift shops.  I recently painted Old Main in pastels, (I added a watermark to the photo:) but what I’m excited about are new display options I’m creating for those looking for

Plein Air?

Plein Air is a French term which means painting “in open air”. and more precisely, it means painting outside while you’re looking at your subject. I have followed many artists who just LOVE plein air painting, but I’ve always painted from photos in the safe, controlled environment of my art

Let the Painting Begin!

Summer 2017 Have decided to challenge myself: Paint EVERY day. And honestly, it’s not going to be easy this summer, because I’ve also decided to have a big garden, sew my clothing again, I’m scheduled for jury duty and I joined the Rec Center at MU, plus we’ve got a

We’ve Only Just Begun

I attended the Women’s March in Charleston. I loved it. Shortly afterward, I painted this watercolor… The original’s 12″ x 16″. I now have prints for sale. ALL proceeds will be donated to an organization for which I volunteer, Wof-PAC, whose sole purpose is campaign finance reform OR to progressive candidates

2017 Calendars are in 6 Locations!

It was ABSOLUTELY wonderful seeing sooo many people at Heritage Station today. Thanks sooo much for coming out to buy my calendar! If you still want and/or need  a calendar they’re now being sold in 6 different locations in Huntington! Check out this page to get all the details! 2017 Calendars

10 Times Better!

Last year after my  2016 calendar of Huntington watercolors, I committed to creating a 2017 calendar that was 10 times better! And I’m thrilled to report… IT IS!! I can’t wait to show you. They’ll be in several retail shops, and at a few events next weekend. Thanks for following

The Calendars are Finished

I’m happy to report I met my deadline!! The calendars are ordered and I’ll have them Dec. 1! To see all the paintings, that I used in the calendar and how to purchase one, check out this page: 2017 Calendars. Thanks for following along, Linda

“Home Sweet Home”

Kathy’s parents bought this home on Main Street in Barboursville in the 60’s when she was a young girl. Her parents spent the rest of their lives in this warm, inviting small-town home, while Kathy and her husband, Tom, enjoyed life in various cities around the country.  However, Kathy always knew

Old Main

  I’ve selected Old Main as #5 for my 2017 calendar: Huntington and Its Neighbors… For purchase information check out this page: 2017 Calendar: Huntington and Its Neighbors. Thanks for following along, Linda

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