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2017 Calendars are in 6 Locations!

It was ABSOLUTELY wonderful

seeing sooo many people at Heritage Station today.

Thanks sooo much for coming out to buy my calendar!

If you still want and/or need  a calendar

they’re now being sold in

6 different locations in Huntington!

Check out this page to get all the details!

2017 Calendars

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10 Times Better!

Last year after my  2016 calendar

of Huntington watercolors,

I committed to creating

a 2017 calendar that was 10 times better!


And I’m thrilled to report…


I can’t wait to show you.

They’ll be in several retail shops,

and at a few events next weekend.

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“Home Sweet Home”

Kathy’s parents bought this home

on Main Street in Barboursville

in the 60’s

when she was a young girl.


Her parents spent the rest of their lives

in this warm, inviting small-town home,

while Kathy and her husband, Tom,

enjoyed life in various cities around the country.

 However, Kathy always knew she wanted to come back

to her hometown…and she did.

In 2014 following retirement, Kathy and Tom

moved in and began extensive remodeling

of her parent’s home.

My favorite part of this house?

the wide, inviting wrap-around porch

that beacons and greets

each and every guest.

This is the last of my paintings for my 2017 Calendar:

Huntington and Its Neighbors.

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Maylon House

Maylon House

Do you love this stunning old house

as much as I do?

I chose it as my first subject in 2014

when I decided to transition from

painting with icing on cookies

to painting with PAINT on paper!

I’ve chosen it for my 2017 calendar~

Huntington and its Neighbors.

I’ll launch calendar sales

Friday, Dec 9 at LaFontaine’s Wine Shop

during their wine-tasting event 5-7:30,

and Saturday, Dec 10 at Heritage Station’s

Art Show from 10-3.

After that you can order from me directly,

or purchase at Wellman O’Shea Jewelers or

Red Caboose, both located in downtown


Calendars are $20.

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Drinko Library

It’s fabulous.

Inside and Out.


The $31 million John Deaver Drinko Library,

opened to students in 1998, is a stunner.

This state-of-the-art library, named for John Drinko, an MU graduate

whose $2.3 million donation encouraged other donors,

measures 118,000 sq. ft of computer and conference rooms,

telecommunications facilities, a virtual library system,

and even BOOKS…plus more!

As you may have guessed,

I’m not painting 30 paintings in 30 days this year.

My busy schedule just wouldn’t cooperate.

This is #3 for my 2017 Huntington calendar,

which will debut soon…

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