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“Home Sweet Home”

Kathy’s parents bought this home on Main Street in Barboursville in the 60’s when she was a young girl. Her parents spent the rest of their lives in this warm, inviting small-town home, while Kathy and her husband, Tom, enjoyed life in various cities around the country.  However, Kathy always knew

The 30/90 Challenge Continues…

I’ve painted quite a bit… 4 sunflower paintings… I was working on a painting for the Uncork and Create Event for Maggie… which has been postponed until November (I’ll keep  you posted)… I showed  two of those on FB… the other 2…well…let’s just say… I’m not going to show you

Painting #3 in the 30 paintings/ 90 days Challenge

 This charming, charming house blows me away… The owner has masterfully added a delightful variety of plants, pottery and metal pieces, dressers!…yes, I said dressers, metal and wicker furniture, …and just an eclectic blend of very cool stuff to her front yard, front porch and the side yard~~ which is mostly

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