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2017 Calendars are in 6 Locations!

It was ABSOLUTELY wonderful seeing sooo many people at Heritage Station today. Thanks sooo much for coming out to buy my calendar! If you still want and/or need  a calendar they’re now being sold in 6 different locations in Huntington! Check out this page to get all the details! 2017 Calendars

10 Times Better!

Last year after my  2016 calendar of Huntington watercolors, I committed to creating a 2017 calendar that was 10 times better! And I’m thrilled to report… IT IS!! I can’t wait to show you. They’ll be in several retail shops, and at a few events next weekend. Thanks for following

“Home Sweet Home”

Kathy’s parents bought this home on Main Street in Barboursville in the 60’s when she was a young girl. Her parents spent the rest of their lives in this warm, inviting small-town home, while Kathy and her husband, Tom, enjoyed life in various cities around the country.  However, Kathy always knew

Old Main

  I’ve selected Old Main as #5 for my 2017 calendar: Huntington and Its Neighbors… For purchase information check out this page: 2017 Calendar: Huntington and Its Neighbors. Thanks for following along, Linda

Maylon House

Do you love this stunning old house as much as I do? I chose it as my first subject in 2014 when I decided to transition from painting with icing on cookies to painting with PAINT on paper! I’ve chosen it for my 2017 calendar~ Huntington and its Neighbors. I’ll launch


So I hurried downtown to take a few photos with morning light… And there he was. Standing in front of his shop having his morning cigarette and coffee. George is a tailor. He makes suits. SUITS!! Of course, I HAD to chat with him… I discovered he’s from Syria, SYRIA! ALL

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