In a recent conversation I was finally able to put into words something I’ve known since I was a child.

Purple Vase

While admitting my struggle to find the inspiration to paint a complex, commissioned watercolor piece that I was asked to do many months ago. The other person said, “It’s hard to get inspired.”

Fall in Love with Taking Care of Yourself

I immediately realized this truth (at least for me) and replied: “It’s not hard to get inspired; it’s hard to get inspired… on demand.”

A Bucket of Flowers

I am inspired by the simplest of things, sometimes many times in a day: birds at my feeder, a floral photo on Instagram, or even a quote that longs to be shared on my canvas. But until my brain figures out how to go from ‘You need to paint this’ to ‘I know how to paint that’, there’s no point in picking up a brush or pastel stick.

Ritter Park II

And while I wanted to create a fabulous piece of art for my client, and I wanted to have dozens of finished pieces for Wildflower Gift Gallery and a June art show, I couldn’t solve the puzzle of how to do them…on demand. Even when the demand was from me.

I decided I needed a break from painting… just for a few months.

Yellow Roses

I’m back. Painting like crazy. I’m restored, enthused, inspired. Here are photos of a few finished pieces, with more in progress, and many canvases prepped and patiently waiting for me.

And that watercolor? I’ve finally figured it out, and I’ll share it here. Soon.

As you can see, my website is “Under Construction”. Please bear with me.

Thanks for following along, Linda

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