The Herd

My recent challenge for a fall painting was…

Create a Marshall painting that a man would like.

I googled ‘buffalo herd’,

and this image was my favorite:

The colors were dull but I liked the sunlight effects, and

 the sense of movement was perfect,

I was also excited at the limitations of this photo…

because I’d be able to add elements

which would be my own artistic choices.

Here’s a close up…

I decided to paint with pastels,

chalk-like sticks of pigment that can impart vivid color, 

and add something that screamed Marshall and football.

Here’s the result:

Signed and numbered giclee prints in a variety of sizes

both framed (for your convenience) and

unframed (so you can finish it your way)

can be purchased now at Wildflower Gift Gallery.

Also available are reproductions on

gallery-stretched canvas in multiple sizes

like this one hanging in the Holiday Inn.

Thanks for following along,


One Reply to “The Herd”

  1. Debbie Wahlman Marshall says:

    Is there a way to order online and get pricing and sizes. I do not live in the area.

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