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Cookies for My Cousin’s Wedding

My cousin, Tim, is in love. His first wife, Melissa, died seven years ago; he was devastated, and it took a long time for him to date again. Now he’s getting married, and I offered to make cookie favors for the rehearsal dinner. It so happens, the bride’s parents’ 40th anniversary

I’m back, again:)

I announced my retirement from cookie art. But then I HAD TO create a retirement set for Patty Kay… Plus several people have asked for a cookie class!!! And I miss it. I still plan to focus my attention on painting… but I really miss cookie art… especially meeting woman that

A Cookie Story

I enjoy my work… I create cookie art and paintings…I’m VERY happy… …BUT… sometimes, it goes beyond enjoying my work…beyond being happy…beyond being fun… sometimes I am just totally filled with joy… and…nothing is better than that feeling. Let me tell you a little story. While researching (googling) Hampton, New York for a

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