Cookies for My Cousin’s Wedding

My cousin, Tim, is in love.

His first wife, Melissa, died seven years ago;

he was devastated, and it took a long time

for him to date again.

Now he’s getting married, and

I offered to make cookie favors for the rehearsal dinner.

It so happens, the bride’s parents’ 40th anniversary

is that day,

and Tim and Candy want to share the spotlight with them.

So I planned (a double heart with names, dates, and yellow roses (the mother’s fav),

baked and base-iced the cookies:

and I was all ready to add the details when I got a text from Tim:

In the Chinese language (Candy is Chinese),

there is a blessing they give upon multiple occasions

which means ‘double blessings’

and it always is red or on red.


Hummm…now what?

I HAD to put it on the cookie;)

And I did:)


Did I tell you the wedding is in BOSTON??!!

And we’re going!!!

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