My Summer Art Show is in 2 DAYS!!

I’ve been painting for two months…

getting ready for…

My Summer Art Show!

Friday, July 15th
from 6-9pm
at Thistle Patch Vintage Garden & Antiques
on 14th St West in Huntington, WV


I thought I would be showing ONLY
1″ deep canvases… like these:
Version 2
IMG_2795 (1)
Version 2
And then…
As you may know,
I was lucky enough
to get
all the old wood
from my husband’s aunt’s
So I started painting on it!

IMG_3127 (1)



And I have LOVED the results.


And here’s a cool discount Friday…
You receive 10% off
one piece of art for every shopper you bring with you!
1 shopping friend = 10%
2 shopping friends = 20%
and so on…

Not only that…


Enjoy some food and drink
while you shop and visit…
it’s a party!!

I hope to see you Friday!

Thanks for following along,


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2 thoughts on “My Summer Art Show is in 2 DAYS!!

  1. I love the thistle patch! I’m Scottish and would love to have a welcome sign with a thistle. Could you make one?

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