Purple Rabbits Step by Step

Earlier in the week

I told you I had a

Purple Rabbits Challenge.

And then I showed you

how I made purple rabbit cupcake toppers

And now…

the cookies!

Flooded cookie

First, I piped along the outer edge…

and flooded the cookie with thinner icing.


I held a stencil over the cookie…

(and instead of spraying on the design

like I did with the cupcake picks)

I spread thickened icing over the stencil.


Last, I added a few details.

Easy Peasy;)


Decorated cookies are AMAZING…

and delicious…

but they’re truly not hard to do.

If you’re interested,

I still have spots

in my November and December workshops.


These are bagged, boxed,

and ready for the party!

Thanks for following along,


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