40 Year High School Reunion

Last night

I celebrated my 40 year HEHS class reunion.

and fortunately for me…

I got to help plan what we termed our “Beach Party”…

Beach Party because we rented beach decorations

from one of my cookie customers!!

She lent us BOXES of GORGEOUS candle holders,

shells, mermaids, grasses, seagulls, and on and on…

BUT me being me…

I just naturally HAD TO find ways to create some art for the event.

Let me share my art creations and my inspirations.

Among the decorations was this sign…


Beautiful sign.

Inspiration #1


Painted on a thin piece of cardboard with wood slats to stabilize…

This masterpiece (hehe:) greeted our classmates…

Our committee posted reunion updates via FB (of course)…

with a beach photo attached like this…


Inspiration #2

Can you guess what I created for dessert?



120 to be exact…

btw… we had a FABULOUS beach party!

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