30 Paintings in 30 Days!

Mug and Pia Painting1

Yes, I know you’ve seen this before…

It’s the VERY adorable shop, Mug and Pia

Did you know that stands for…

Most Unusual Gifts and Paper Items Anywhere?

A for Adorable!!

I painted this precious little place last year…

and this one of Trinity Episcopal Church.

Trinity Episcopal ChurchBut because of cookie classes…

and other pressing issues,

I had to stop last year’s 30 in 30.

but today I DID START my NEW

30 paintings in 30 days…

I drove ALL OVER HUNTINGTON this morning…

stopping to photograph probably 50 different buildings…

and other things, like fountains…


You may have seen me in the middle of 3rd Ave or 4th or 5th…

That was me in the center of Hal Greer Boulevard,


and Washington Blvd…

and dozens of other places.

And honestly I had a blast.

I’m going to be painting not just iconic symbols

of our beautiful city,

but also houses that

we’ve all seen hundreds of times,

or that represent an area and an era of Huntington.


(My husband: You took a picture of that?!

Me: YES! It screams, “Split-level, 1960’s, Southeast Hills-Huntington”…

and look at that cute little fence!

He didn’t get it. That’s why I didn’t take him with me;)

Yes, I LOVE cute, beautiful or unique homes,

stately, ornate and magnificent buildings.

I so enjoyed selecting these places to photograph,

and I CAN NOT WAIT to start painting them!!

I’ll start posting paintings on October 1.

Thanks for following along,


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