Cookie Art Makes the News AGAIN!

Let me tell you the story about these cookies…


I had decided to stop all cookie art.

No more classes, no more orders.

And Tammi Arender called.

Well, she emailed.

Who calls these days?

Tammi Arender, the evening newscaster

for WOWK Channel 13, is quite a force

(in a good way;)


She asked if I would do a cookie decorating demo

for her Thursday cooking segment on

the 5:00 evening news.

I said no, but I’ll think about it.

Last fall, photojournalist Brad Rice,

came to my cookie class and created a story

for his weekly TV segment

about my cookie classes to help Maggie.

I survived that.

So I thought about Tammi’s request for a month…

I emailed her back…and said yes.

We taped the segments on Friday.

It was quite a fiasco…

Jeff, the man in charge of editing these segments,

has his work cut out for him.

The two little cookie demos will air Oct 22 and 29th.

She also asked me to teach HER cookie art.

That’s when I scheduled the Sept. class.


Like I said…

She’s quite a force;)

Thanks for following along,


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