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“EXTRA, EXTRA, Read all about it! “

Tuesday was an EXTRA-ordinary day, My 30/30 story was in the Herald Dispatch. Here I am with prints of three of the 30/30 paintings. If you missed it, you can read it here. Thanks for following along, Linda

Having a Blast!

I’ve been CRAZY-busy!! First it was the 30/30 Challenge… Then it was the 30/30 Art Show… and the Holiday Market at Heritage Station… Now it’s shipping orders… (Of course, I had to decorate the shipping envelopes!!)… Also I’ve had trips to my printer, Denise, in Ashland… Resupplying my retailers: The Red

My Heart is Full

My FIRST 30/30 Art Show was FANTASTIC!!! Pictures (of the event) to be added here when I get one And it had almost nothing to do with my art… Well, almost nothing. You know how at your wedding… everyone you love is there… cheering you on. That’s how it was. Friends,

“Saturday Night” is Ready for Friday Night

Happy Thanksgiving! I named this painting… “Saturday Night”. I have almost all the paintings back from the framers; “Saturday night” has a black frame with silver highlights. It’s perfect. Michael, Darrell, and the others at Hobby Lobby’s frame department did a masterful job on each and every one. And all the

Preparing for the 30/30 Art Show

“The calendars are here, the calendars are here!!” I am BEYOND excited!! If I won the lottery… Today. A BIG ONE!… I would still do what I doing… Painting and marketing my work. (But I would make time for buying a new car- mine’s 15 years old, and a beach

Getting Ready for the 30/30 Show!!

I LOVED painting for 30 days, and now I LOVE preparing for the 30/30 Art Show! Every day I’m involved in the prep… Yesterday I ordered the calendars, received the rack cards, and started distributing them. (And finished and delivered a cookie order:) Plus a ton of other things… Good thing

If you’re new to my blog…

I decided to paint 30 paintings of Huntington the month of October. Here’s #19…one of the most popular on FB Why did I commit to a grueling painting marathon… (with laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, dog walking, etc… to add to the equation) ? To become a better artist. You know… the

#30!!!! in my 30/32 Challenge

∗ Beverly Hills United Methodist Church ∗ My grandparents were founding members of this church. My dad was raised in this church. And so was I. Peri asked me to include it in the 30/30; she was in my Sunday school class, and a very sweet, dear friend. This one’s

#29 30/32 Challenge

∗ Marshall Hall of Fame Café Restaurant ∗ Just another Huntington spot that I think is divine. I love the outdoor space; it’s lovely. And the interior of the restaurant is fabulous, too. The menu…yum… I had salmon and veggies this summer~ perfect. And it’s right across from Pullman Square.

#28 30/30 Challenge

I dashed downtown yesterday… I needed some inspiration, in the form of 3 more subjects to paint. I snapped some photos, and as I drove down 4th Ave towards Marshall, this little sub shop caught my eye. Why? First the inviting outdoor seating area…Love it! Next there were three bicycles leaning against

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