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#30!!!! in my 30/32 Challenge

∗ Beverly Hills United Methodist Church ∗ My grandparents were founding members of this church. My dad was raised in this church. And so was I. Peri asked me to include it in the 30/30; she was in my Sunday school class, and a very sweet, dear friend. This one’s

#29 30/32 Challenge

∗ Marshall Hall of Fame Café Restaurant ∗ Just another Huntington spot that I think is divine. I love the outdoor space; it’s lovely. And the interior of the restaurant is fabulous, too. The menu…yum… I had salmon and veggies this summer~ perfect. And it’s right across from Pullman Square.

#28 30/30 Challenge

I dashed downtown yesterday… I needed some inspiration, in the form of 3 more subjects to paint. I snapped some photos, and as I drove down 4th Ave towards Marshall, this little sub shop caught my eye. Why? First the inviting outdoor seating area…Love it! Next there were three bicycles leaning against

#27 30/30 Challenge

∗ Marshall University Bookstore ∗ I have to confess: I haven’t been in this bookstore… but I sure love looking at it. Thanks for following along, Linda

#26 30/30 Challenge

For this painting of Midway Drive Inn, I wanted to have life. I wanted the feel of a city plus people plus vehicles. Painting school at my house in my little studio (spare bedroom) is just the best. Thanks for following along, Linda

#25 30/30 Challenge

Thank you, Jim’s. Aunt Lucy and cousin Tim came in this weekend. It was last minute, and I wanted to host a big family dinner at my house. After announcing a break in my 30/30 Challenge, I made dinner plans for possibly 30 people! That’s where Jim’s came in;) I bought 5 quarts of

#24 30/30 Challenge

∗ Ritter Park Rose Garden ∗ First of all, let me just put it out there… I LOVE roses. I love the way they look. Their fragrance.  I love the feel of velvety petals. And I love the JOY I have when being near them. I love all varieties and all stages

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