#25 30/30 Challenge

Jim's painting

Thank you, Jim’s.

Aunt Lucy and cousin Tim came in this weekend.

It was last minute, and I wanted to host

a big family dinner at my house.

After announcing a break in my 30/30 Challenge,

I made dinner plans for possibly 30 people!

That’s where Jim’s came in;)

I bought 5 quarts of sauce,

boiled spaghetti, roasted spaghetti squash,

cleaned and chopped veggies for an amazing salad,

washed fruit, made brownies and iced tea.

Dinner was FABULOUS!!

17 people came,

so I put 2 quarts of sauce in the freezer

and we’ll be eating salad and fruit the rest of the week!

Jim’s, you rock!

Thanks for following along,


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